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sc-fscleaner-protector-32oz.jpg Fine Stone Cleaner & Protector Ready-To-Use - Quart
$10.99 $3.99 On Sale!
For use on all Stone and Tile counter tops. A powerful combination of surfactants and polymer technology that breaks down grease and grime and protects the surface as it cleans. It is a water-based non-toxic formula , made to be used in conjunction with Fine Stone Protector as a continual maintenance product. When used regularly to clean stone surfaces the protection attributes of ForceField® Fine Stone Protector will be maintained. Contains a polymer technology that when used regularly maintains the level of stone protection needed to protect against spills and stains.

grimeblasterck.jpg GrimeBlaster Concentrate Quart $25.00 BOGO (Includes 2 Kits - Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
GrimeBlaster All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser A concentrate: Can be diluted as much as 180:1 for cleaning windows. A versatile product, powerful enough to do it all. Use in Kitchens for Counter top surfaces, ovens and appliances and in the Bath as well. Also, Heavy duty for Car and Truck interiors and windows, shop floors, pressure washing, steam cleaning, engine cleaning and degreasing. Car and Truck body cleaning. The list goes on. Safe to use, contains no toxic chemicals. Includes empty spray bottle and measuring cup.1 Quart Concentrate makes up to 4 Gallons Ready-To-Use product.

scumbalsterconcentratek.jpg ScumBlaster Concentrate Quart BOGO Special $25.00
BOGO (Includes 2 Kits - Buy 1 Get 1 Free). ScumBlaster™ is the most effective Tub & Tile Cleaner you will ever use. More than a bathroom cleaner, it can be used wherever hard water deposits or soap scum are a problem. Dull surfaces become shiny and squeaky clean. ScumBlaster™ is comparable in strength to muriatic acid, yet it is safe to use. The ScumBlaster™ formulation is non corrosive environmentally friendly, non-fuming, and safe for septic tanks. ScumBlaster™ is an organic salt that was developed as a safe replacement for traditional acids in home and industrial applications. Deep cleans grout. Contains no bleach or corrosive acids. (Makes 5 quarts)

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