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sc-fireguard-22.jpg FireGuard® - 22oz
FireGuard® Flame Retardant for Fabrics ForceField® FireGuard is the easy and effective way to provide flame retardant protection to clothing, draperies, furniture, carpets, rugs, wall treatments, and numerous other fabric surfaces. FireGuard® has been tested, and proven effective, in accordance with the testing procedures of the National Fire Protection Association (Test Method NFPA 701). It is an environmentally friendly solution that contains no hazardous materials, making it safe for use on fabrics and a variety of other flammable materials.

sc-lcc-22.jpg Leather Cleaner and Conditioner - 22oz
Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Specially formulated, Forcefield® Leather Cleaner and Conditioner provide leather accessories, auto leather and interior leather furnishings the highest quality leather care available. Cleans and conditions finished leather goods, extending the life and beauty of the leather

Restor-It-22oz.jpg Restor-It Cream Furniture Polish - 22oz Bottle
Restor-It Cream Furniture Polish For Fine Wood Furnishings. Restores the natural oils and luster to all fine wood surfaces (Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, Teak, and other natural woods), and removes dirt, fingerprints, and smears, without leaving a waxy buildup. In addition to revitalizing the wood, ForceField® Restor-It helps to remove dust and annoying allergens from the surface (Pet Dander, Molds, and Pollen). Regular use of ForceField® Restor-It will protect and preserve your valuable investments from premature aging, cracking, and fading. Wood Furniture Cabinets Paneling Blinds Helps Remove Dust & Allergens No Waxy Buildup

sc-fabprotect-22.jpg Upholstery, Rug, and Fabric Protector - 22oz
Upholstery, Rug, and Fabric Protector Great for home, office, auto, boat and campers. Use to protect valuable furnishings against spills and stains. Unparalleled in performance. Keeps fabric and furnishings looking newer longer. ForceFieldâ Upholstery and Fabric Protector is a partially fluorinated acrylic polymer designed and optimized to maximize its repellency to both oil and water; therefore fabrics treated with ForceFieldâ Upholstery and Fabric Protector are not only water repellent, but will repel virtually all liquid stains (even oil based stains). Another advantage of this polymer technology is that it will retard soiling (even oily soil) and allows for easier removal of soil when the fabric does finally become dirty. Contains no silicone or waxes

sc-uvsb-22.jpg UV SunBlock for Fabrics - 22oz
UV SunBlock for Fabrics The UV SunBlock protects fabrics, fibers and colored surfaces from the fading and damage caused by the Sun's rays. This unique formula absorbs the Sun's energy of UV radiation, and then releases it in a harmless form. Fabrics and other fibers keep their resiliency and colors remain vibrant. The UV SunBlock is safe to use on all types of materials including synthetics and will not change the texture of the fabric. UV Block works well with any mill treatment by adding an extra level of protection and is fast drying.

sc-fabricob-22.jpg OdorBlaster for Fabrics 22oz
ForceField® OdorBlaster™ is much more than just a fragrance or a mask; it is a powerful odor neutralizer that chemically binds to offensive odors transforming them into an odorless state. OdorBlaster™ is perfect for eliminating foul odors from clothing, draperies, furniture, shoes, and other areas. It works on contact to destroy odors caused by ammonia, smoke, foods, and numerous other sources. Not only does OdorBlaster™ destroy odors but also, unlike other products that can leave soil-attracting residues, it has been specially formulated with soil fighting polymers to help prevent the re-soiling of treated materials. Eliminates Odors From: * Clothing * Curtains * Furniture * Carpets & Rugs * Automobile * Hands & Skin

sc-de-crease-22.jpg Fabric De-Crease Wrinkle Relaxer 22oz
The Fabric De-Crease Wrinkle Relaxer is designed to remove wrinkles with a simple spray and gentle pull of the fabric. This formulation will not attract soil and treated area, and prevents re-soiling of fabrics. When applied to fabrics it does not change the texture of fabrics and leaves the fabric surface fresh and smooth.

sc-fabclean-22.jpg Fabric Cleaner-(Ready-to-Use) - 22oz
Fabric Cleaner-(Ready-to-Use) For office, auto, boat and home. Cleans water based and oil based spills and stains from carpet, rugs, upholstery, and other water safe fabrics. This low foam product protects as it cleans. pH-balanced formula that contains ForceField® Soil and Stain Repellent. Approved for use on stain resistant carpets and wool furnishings products. Excellent for spot cleaning, extraction cleaning, spin bonnet cleaning, and heavy traffic cleaning for business and in-home.

sc-fscleaner-protector-32oz.jpg Fine Stone Cleaner & Protector Ready-To-Use - Quart
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For use on all Stone and Tile counter tops. A powerful combination of surfactants and polymer technology that breaks down grease and grime and protects the surface as it cleans. It is a water-based non-toxic formula , made to be used in conjunction with Fine Stone Protector as a continual maintenance product. When used regularly to clean stone surfaces the protection attributes of ForceField® Fine Stone Protector will be maintained. Contains a polymer technology that when used regularly maintains the level of stone protection needed to protect against spills and stains.

sc-ifoam-on-a-card.jpg ifoam® Screen Cleaner 2.5oz. AKA - smartfoam®
Ifoam® is specially formulated to remove dust, dirt, grime and finger prints from all electronic screens & keypads. Nondrip foam dries without streaking, leaves no residue and will not spread to internal components. Perfect for cell phones, navigation systems, touch screens, music/video players, laptops, plasma TV screens, LCD TV screens, Handheld video games & PDAs. Environmentally friendly. Includes reusable micro fiber cloth.

list-dryclean-4.jpg Dry Cleaning Fluid 4 oz
Forcefield ® Dry Cleaning Fluid is specially designed for applications for which water based cleaners are not suitable. It can be used on silk and synthetics materials with the “S” (dry clean only) designation. In addition, this professional strength product will remove even the toughest oily and greasy stains that water based cleaners can’t remove. Combining natural citrus with deep cleaning solvents has created a product with superior grease and oil lifting properties.

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